Create your perfect smoky eye look!

Charm the boys with an exciting new look using our Eye Shadow Kits! 12 waterproof colors available to add a beautiful matte shimmer look. Easy to wear and easy to blend.

12 Colours Matte Eyeshadow Kit

Whether you prefer a matte look, or a bright look - you'll find your natural style with this!

This eyeshadow palette includes 12 colors and has been my go-to eyeshadow for the past few weeks!

How to apply


Start with a tint of your primary color you want it to smoke out to along the lid & bottom lash line..

Step 2

Find a darker color now and cover the top & bottom lash lines.

Step 3

Find a light color (or glitter!) and apply to the brow bone right below your eyebrow. Then finish it off with a hint of a complimenting color on the inner corner of the eye. I tend to use a lighter tone to make my eyes pop.

More of a visual learner?

Check out this fantastic tutorial on how to apply eyeshadow and get that perfect look every time!

Special thanks goes out to AlexandrasGirlyTalk for making this wonderful video!

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Some things to remember...

First off - I would like to start with mentioning that I suggest doing what works best for you. Some of these tips may differ slightly based on your eye shape and other factors. 

Don't forget the primer!

Using a nice face primer on your eyes before applying the rest will help ensure your look will stay longer through the day..

Use concealer every time as a second base layer.

Concealer will help "fill in" all the teeny tiny little ridges of your skin and will help the eyeshadow have a smooth, natural look.

Hold your brush the right way

It is good to hold the brush about halfway up - rather than holding it like a pencil with your fingers right above the brush. Try to use brush with strokes going the same way when possible.

Try different color sets and get creative!

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